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Balance Testing As A Video Game Tester

At some point, as a video game tester , you will be required to do a balance testing.Balance testing interferes when the gameplay is not fair for the human player or the game bots. If the human or the bots are too powerfull, a balance testing is necesary. In single player games, balancing is done to ensure that every difficulty level has the right gameplay. The easy level must not be too easy, the medium level must offer a certain difficulty rise and so on.
A video game tester has to understand the importance of balance testing. Unbalanced games will always have an unfair winner. We don’t want to take away the fun in playing video games.

Here’s what you need to do when doing balance testing:
1.Verify the game’s code stability. Balance testing can become imposible to do in an enviroment filled with crashes and freezes.
2.The testing team will be split into two equal sides, and will play against eachother. He has to make sure that the one team’s skills is equal to the other’s.
3.To verify if the weapons are balanced, test the game in a neutral map. To balance a certain map, the game testers will need to equip the same-class weapons.
4.Play the game for a couple of hours and write down some notes on every weapon and heroes weaknesses and strenghts. If the game developer has prepared a scorecard for the testing, write down the score, also.
5.Start a discusion. At this point, the testing manager will take note of all the tester’s opinions and observations.
6. After the discussion, you should probably have a good idea about the power of every hero and weapon in the game. The manager will write down the final observations and will transfer the ideas to the game-developing team.
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What jobs can you do at home - video game testing

A lot of people ask themselves “What jobs can you do at home?”.There is a simple answer for this matter - get a job as a video game tester at home. Why would I do this, when there are so many opportunities out there? Have you ever considered doing something you actually love? Why should I work from home? Maybe you are a parent and you need to be at home with your young children but also when they are resting you can earn some money. Maybe you hate normal jobs, but love playing video games. Maybe you want a summer job but also something that you love doing every day. Or maybe you just simply love playing video games and you might as well be paid for it.
These are the most common reasons why people apply for video game testing.

In this video, the game tester is trying to find bugs and glitches in the popular “Minecraft” PC version.
Think about goals and what do you want from this job before actually applying for it. Let go of your fear of exploring new possibilites by asking yourself one of the most important questions in video game testing:
Will I be able to play this game for one year, monday to friday, and to find the bugs and to report every bug in a proffesional manner?
If your answer is “Yes”, well, my buddy, you are ready to become a video game tester.
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How to become a video game tester - usefull tips

Do you know how to became a video game tester? If you like video games then why not make a living out of your hobby? Why do developers need video game testers? The developers need people to test the game, once it it playable, to make sure no bugs will appear in certain situations. Testing the game it is a very key concept and it involves playing the game in every scenario and situation, until a bug or a flaw is discovered.Testing is divided into three main phases: alpha, beta and quality assurance. In this article we will be discussing Alpha Testing , because only Alpha Testers are actually getting paid for testing video games.

When a game is completely developed without its entire content, Alpha testing begins. Alpha usually occurs when every part of the game is ready but the graphics or the data needs some work to be done. To exemplify, in a flight simulator Xbox game, every aspect of your plane is functional, but not every map is ready yet. Or in a football game, you can play the game but not every stadium is 100% done.
To start the test, the manager creates a testing scheme.This is the part when all the testers are hired or reassigned from other programs, to execute the scheme.The number of testers usually varies with every project so sometimes they can hire 35 or 40 people full-time to test one single game.A bug database is created where every bug or flaw is noted.When a bug is logged, the manager sends the log to the game programmers to fix it and when it is done they will re-send it to you to re-test it.
Configuration Testing-part of Alpha.You will be applying Config Testing for PC only.You will start this after Alpha is completed and working.You with other members of your team will run the game on different PC platforms. Usually you will do this in a room full of PCs with several combinations of video cards, audio cards, memory, processor speed and some versions of the desired operating systems.This type of test is required to establish the minimum configuration for the game to run in optimal situations. I know you like video games so you should definitely try this!Become a game tester for any game and make your passion a full-time living!
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